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Two brilliant tactics HR professionals are combining to win

Technology is enjoying a fascinating renaissance at the moment. New and more user-friendly breakthroughs are appearing in the world of software at an alarming pace, and ever-grander solutions are coming from ever-smaller sources. As an HR professional, you don’t need a Ph.D in computer programming to take full advantage of this movement. You just need an HCM provider with the right pair of attributes: software and support.

Think of it as a formula: Software + Support in Real Time = Solutions.

So let’s start with the first half of the equation: the right software. Gone are the days of standardized, set-in-stone solutions. To garner the best from your modern workforce, you need technology that harnesses modern convenience. In other words, flexible software that’s designed precisely around your company needs while fitting seamlessly with your current systems—unlike the outdated methods, which may require a costly overhaul of your processes, create needless stress for you, and prove difficult to adapt down the road.

Software, done right, actually feels refreshing—not merely tolerated. It can help you better engage, reward and develop employees while, yes, being enjoyable to use—helping to measure and bring out employee strengths like a beacon of light that would go unnoticed by dated software.

But software means little without the next half of the formula: support in real time. As newer, better software becomes available, it’s important to have a real, ‘round-the-clock connection with your HCM provider. Not only can you reach them if you have questions, but they can work more closely to satisfy your needs to exaction—both initially and as your company grows. Many providers offer a single, standard HCM software solution, but what truly brings your solutions to life is a team who will work with you constantly, assuming your company DNA like an identical twin. Behind every connection to the best technology is—you guessed it—a connection to real human beings who care.

Many technologies may seem complicated, but when you use a provider who combines software and service alike, it simplifies everything for you and employees. And that’s a win-win.

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