Privacy Policy

Last Reviewed: 3/10/2021

1. Overview

CompLogix is committed to protecting our employees, customers, partners and the company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals, either knowingly or unknowingly. As a team effort, every CompLogix employee and affiliate plays a key role in maintaining effective security. It is the responsibility of every computer user to know these guidelines, and to conduct their activities accordingly. In addition, you have a responsibility to promptly report the theft, loss or unauthorized disclosure of CompLogix technology or customer proprietary information.

2. Purpose

This Privacy Policy covers the collection, use, disclosure, and removal of information collected through CompLogix Software Services (the “Services”), owned and operated by 3 / 5 CompLogix. The use of information collected through our Services shall be limited to the purpose of providing the Services for which our Clients have engaged CompLogix.

3. Scope

This policy applies to all employees and third parties in the use of IT resources to conduct CompLogix business. All employees, contractors, consultants, temporary, and other workers at CompLogix are responsible for exercising good judgment regarding appropriate use of information and IT resources in accordance with CompLogix policies and standards, local laws and regulations.

4. Policy

4.1 Data Controller

CompLogix is the data controller of all data collected within the CompLogix marketing websites. Customer is the data controller of all data provided for processing within the Human Capital Management (HCM) Services applications.

4.2 Collected Information

Human Capital Management (HCM) Services
CompLogix understands the importance of maintaining the privacy of our clients’ personal information. Client privacy is very important to us and maintaining the confidence and trust of our clients is a top priority. In the normal course of providing our software services, we collect certain nonpublic personal information about our clients that is provided to us by our clients or obtained by us with their authorization or consent. However, we do not disclose any personal information about our clients or former clients to anyone, except as necessary to effectuate the purpose of our business relationship or as required by law.

Information collected on the CompLogix Marketing Website
When you visit our website, the following information will automatically be processed and this is solely for the use of this association:

  • The requested web page or download;
  • Whether the request was successful or not;
  • The date and time when you accessed the site;
  • The Internet address of the web site or the domain name of the computer from which you accessed the site;
  • The operating system of the machine running your web browser and the type and version of your web browser.

4.3 Collection Policies

Human Capital Management (HCM) Services
We collect and process personally identifiable information based on request from our clients. We do not own the data; our client owns the data. As individuals access their data they can correct or amend inaccurate data. The client may be able to correct or amend the data via the CompLogix software or can request a CompLogix employee correct or amend the data. CompLogix will retain personal data we process for our clients only while we are providing them a service and as necessary to comply with our legal obligations. It is the client’s obligation as the data controller to inform its authorized users about the purposes for which information about them is collected and may be used as a part of this service. Authorized users by the client can update and remove accounts by logging into their site and editing information.

Information collected on the CompLogix Marketing Website
Cookies are small pieces of data that the site transfers to the user’s computer hard drive when the user visits the website. CompLogix’s website uses only session cookies which are erased when the user closes the Web browser. The session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is not retained after the browser is closed. Session cookies do not collect information from the user’s computer. They will typically store information in the form of a session identification that does not personally identify the user.

Personal data provided by the data subject
When using this website’s online facilities, data subjects may be required to provide their personal data for the purposes of providing services.

User rights as data subject
As an individual the user may exercise their right to access the data held about the user by CompLogix by submitting your request in writing to the data controller. Although all reasonable efforts will be made to keep your information updated, the user must is requested to inform Complogis of any change referring to the personal data held by the association. In any case, if the user considers that certain information about them is inaccurate, they may request rectification of such data. The user also has the right to request the blocking or erasure of data which has been processed unlawfully.

Links to other Web Sites
To offer better service, CompLogix’s website can connect you with a number of links to other organizations and agencies. When connecting to such other websites, the user will no longer be subject to this policy but to the privacy policy of the new site.

4.4 Data Removal

Human Capital Management (HCM) Services
Upon contract completion, we return all customer data to the customer; delete all databases and database backups; and remove any customer data present in the client’s ShareFile folder.

4.5 Security

All Systems/Services
The security of your information is extremely important to us. When you enter login credentials on our website, we use encryption technology. All site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL/TLS) to ensure secure transmission of personal data. The user should be able to see the padlock symbol in the status bar on the bottom righthand corner of the browser window. The URL address will also start with https:// depicting a secure webpage. SSL applies encryption between two points such as the user’s device and the connecting server. Any data transmitted during the session will be encrypted or scrambled and then decrypted or unscrambled at the receiving end. This will ascertain that data cannot be read during transmission. If you have any questions about our policies, we can be reached at

5. Policy Compliance

5.1 Compliance Measurement

CompLogix will verify compliance to this policy through various methods, including but not limited to, business tool reports, internal and external audits, and feedback to the policy owner.

5.2 Exceptions

Any exception to the policy must be approved by the CompLogix management in advance.

5.3 Non-Compliance

An employee found to have violated this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.