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Total Rewards Statements

Communicate employee value with personalized Total Rewards Statements.

Retain, attract and motivate.

With CompLogix’s Total Rewards Statements, you’re able to show your employees the true value of their compensation clearly and transparently. Our personalized statements include a breakdown of pay and non-pay programs in an easy-to-read, graphic format so employees can quickly see all the ways you invest in them financially.

A configurable model gives you the freedom to make your Total Rewards Statements work for you, including customization of your unique branding and templates. With the option of online or print statements, your employees can easily access their compensation and benefits anytime, anywhere — helping them feel valued and motivated.

Compensation Management Software

What clients love about our product:

Configurable to help you meet your goals:

  • Solutions created in-house to your exact specifications
  • Custom dashboards and reports
  • Custom templates and branding for your organization

Robust and versatile to handle every need:

  • Uses data from any HRIS system
  • Supports any pay / non-pay program
  • Easy, online access

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