Share ownership guidelines are complex. Tracking them shouldn’t be.

Simple. Seamless. Certain.

Multiple data sources. Limited holdings visibility. Complicated plan calculations. Share ownership guidelines present difficult challenges to those entrusted with administering them. Our secure cloud-based software provides an efficient, accurate and automated system to help companies track and communicate compliance with their share ownership guidelines and retention requirements.

What clients love about our product:

Turn manual compliance into automated convenience:

  • Intuitive dashboard experience
  • Powerful interactive tools
  • Customized ownership reports

Manage your entire share ownership guideline tracking, measurement and communication process in one efficient platform.

Turn static spreadsheets into real-world results:

  • Flexible data imports
  • Real-time compliance assessment
  • Participant ownership surveys

Improve the path to compliance with our self-reporting portal for participants and administrator workflow management system.

Turn educated guesses into focused forecasts:

  • Complex plan calculations
  • Decision-based modeling
  • Industry-leading data security

Remove the risk of compliance-determination errors with a next-generation SaaS solution designed by corporate governance experts.

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