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HCM Software: Big Solutions come from Small Companies.

To get the job done, sometimes you need a SEAL team instead of an army. It’s no different for HR professionals. There’s the dated approach that involves working with behemoth companies who provide cookie-cutter solutions in Human Capital Management software. As always, the costs are high and the results are predictable.

Then there’s modern, tech-minded approach that involves hiring a smaller, smarter, swifter HCM provider. They serve more as a special ops team—able to stay in personal contact, able to be on call around the clock, able to wrap software solutions more tightly around your precise needs. Think of all the major components—compensation management, talent management, performance, benefits and all else—provided and maintained by a veteran squad.

It’s the latest trend in the HR world.

So, why are companies choosing small to think big? Simple. Technologies are upgrading faster by the year like a spacecraft gaining speed. What’s new today becomes obsolete within months. And what people are fast realizing in today’s fast-paced world is the ingenuity of hiring someone who’s nimble—not encumbered by their own company weight—and who’s flexible enough to keep them at the cutting edge.

Smaller, smarter, swifter. Just as touchscreen devices are shrinking but can do much more, a top-tier HCM provider can, with only a few people, provide you with large-scale software solutions that are easier and faster for your employees to use; or solutions that can better chart and measure strengths and weaknesses company-wide; or solutions that can eliminate the need for spreadsheets and sluggish paperwork. Whatever software you need. Two people.

It’s simple. For HCM solutions done right, savvy HR professionals are no longer bringing in the army. They’re bringing in the elite.

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