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Salary Planning Software for Retailers

Implementing salary planning software for large retailers is very similar to implementing other systems throughout the organization. Typically a compensation management project with retailers is broken into two very separate groups, stores/distribution and corporate. Generally the store associates and distribution workers have different pay programs than the rest of the organization, as they are usually paid hourly. Assistant managers, store managers, and district managers usually have a yearly salary, but are also eligible for merit increases and bonuses when hitting store targets. Corporate employees are typically eligible for merit increases along with any short and long term incentives for high potential individuals or executives in the organization.

When the implementation process begins with retailers, we typically look to see where the biggest pain point lies. Retailers, for the most part, have issues tracking all the field associates and pay programs that those individuals are eligible for. Retailers without a salary planning software are typically sending excel spreadsheets to every manager or district manager in the organization, asking them to make pay adjustments within the Excel file. Given the fact that large retailers have hundreds of locations and managers, the process of updating a master Excel file can be extremely daunting and filled with errors.

Based on previous experience, we have found that retailers typically implement the fastest with our compensation management solution. Despite having a large number of employees, for the most part the majority of the employees all have similar programs in the field, which speeds up the implementation process. A large retailer (5,000+ employees) will typically implement in under eight weeks, depending on complexity of course.

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