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Salary Planning Software for Manufacturers

Implementing salary planning software for a manufacturer is generally very straight forward. For the most part, manufacturing clients are very similar to retail clients. The hourly population usually makes up a high percentage of the organization, and the majority of the time that group is only eligible for a few pay programs (merit, bonus, etc). The corporate portion of the organization, as well as site managers, are usually eligible for a variety of different pay programs including stock, equity and STIP/LTIP.

Every once in a while we do run across manufacturers who have fairly complex pay programs for their hourly group. Almost always, these complex pay programs are being tracked within Excel. From our perspective, if you can track the programs in Excel, you can easily track them through a database as well.

Once the compensation management system is implemented the salary administration process is typically quick. Based on previous experience, we find that manufacturers have fewer managers than most organizations. With only one manager making decisions on many individuals at once, a typical administration timeline for our manufacturing clients is 2-3 weeks.

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