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Beyond Ratings. What Really Matters when Choosing a Compensation Management Solution

If you are responsible for purchasing software to automate compensation management for your organization, you have likely done the typical “Google search” and may have even ventured as far as some of the common software comparison websites like Capterra, G2, or Software Advice

The information contained in these comparison sites can only go so far in helping you separate the varied benefits, pros and cons of the existing software options, and it is important to remember that much of the information you’ll find that compare solutions are backed by “pay for play” visibility.

In full transparency, CompLogix does sponsor our services on these popular sites. As a web-based software solution for compensation management, it is important that our company is represented there. We are always proud to find our company listed among the highest-rated compensation management solutions and we consistently earn ratings near the top of the scale on each of these comparison sites. 

Comparing features is important. If your organization needs compensation plan modeling or merit/bonus management, you’ll want to be certain the solutions you ultimately choose have these features available. 

In your research, you may find pricing information on these comparison sites, but for the most part, that information should be taken with a grain of salt. Most updates lag behind in capturing this data and many sponsored solutions opt not to share it. If pricing information is listed, you are likely to find ranges that aren’t especially helpful, simply because of one important fact: all businesses are different and have unique compensation management challenges. A reputable software partner will make sure their solution is a good match for the types of features you need and will work with you to build a cost based on those needs.

The moral of this story is, we hope you will visit those comparison sites and see what options are available, how companies compare for the services you need in a compensation management solution, and what reviewers have to say. We also hope you’ll take your search a little further to get to the heart of what these sites can’t tell you.

As with most things, it comes down to the quality and integrity of the people you will be working with, their commitment to making sure your organization receives value for what you purchased, and being there to answer questions long after the contract is executed. 

Unless there happens to be a review that addresses it, you aren’t likely to know how responsive a compensation software partner will be when you have an urgent issue, need to ask a question, or talk through integrations or potential configuration options. If you have ever called “support” and gotten the “press 1 for…” loophole, you know what we are talking about.

Begin your search for the best compensation management partner by having a look at these comparison sites, but don’t hesitate to reach out to talk to the real people who will be supporting your organization through implementation and far beyond. When we look at those software comparison sites, our high ratings are no surprise to us, because our business model has long been to make sure our customers get the most value from our solutions. One way we do that is through providing the kind of customer support needed, when it is needed.

“The tool is user-friendly and the CompLogix team is continually making enhancements to improve the product.”

“Provided great organizational views, drilldowns, proxy capability, market data, employee history, etc, which allowed for a great experience to managers globally.”

“A great software platform with even better customer support.”

“Automated compensation statements were great. Tool was flexible for global organization but easy to view in USD.”

Source: Capterra (Note: CompLogix was formerly Harvest HCM)

If you would like to know more about CompLogix’s web-based compensation management solution and find out more about the many ways the people behind CompLogix are an important differentiator, we’d love the opportunity to get to know you and your business better. You’ll talk to real people who are ready to help streamline your compensation management challenges. Contact CompLogix.


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