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Implementing a Compensation Management Solution: Finalizing

In our series on implementing a compensation management solution, we’ve gone over the first three major phases: analysis, development, and communication. We’ve looked at how the system takes shape over time, and how vital communication between the vendors and clients are in ensuring the implementation process doesn’t take any wrong turns along the way. There’s one more phase in the implementation process to go over, in which the system will be completed and then eventually rolled out. The finalization process is where extra functionality is added to the system, and the users are brought up-to-speed on how it works.

One of the major parts of the finalization process is adding in features and functionality as specified by the client. For instance, if the client would like for their compensation management system to feature single sign-on, that part of the system would be put into place during this phase. Moreover, many organizations want their compensation management system to integrate with the existing third party tools they already use in order to get the most benefit. Ensuring that the system integrates well with any HRIS systems, performance management systems, or payroll software that the client already uses is one of the final steps in creating and implementing a compensation management tool. Speaking of payroll, many clients want their compensation management system to include the ability to automatically generate compensation statements. That functionality is also one of the features added during the finalization phase.

Once the software is feature-complete, the previously-designed employee training is deployed as the developer and client prepare for go-live. Managers are instructed on how to use the system – where to go, how to get there, what they can do once they’re there, and so on. As the employees learn how to use the system the developers finish it, entering the necessary employee data provided by the clients. After all of that is done, the system goes live and the implementation process is complete.

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