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Finding A Simple, Powerful Compensation Solution

So you need a compensation solution. Compiling and processing data on spreadsheets can only take your organization so far before the time required to plan and administer compensation becomes unreasonable. This presents a unique dilemma. You need something robust and powerful enough to manage your organization’s compensation structure. You need a system with the capacity to handle the complex pay programs and large number of employees that sent you searching for a solution in the first place. But you also need the solution to be simple to learn and easy to use for every user, from managers to HR personnel.

How do you find a solution when your needs are seemingly so contradictory? SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions allow robust compensation solutions that won’t confuse users. Managers will appreciate how easy the system is to use, allowing them to securely log in via a web browser and quickly enter the necessary data on their direct reports. Employees in the HR/Comp department will no longer have to hound said managers for said information, waiting for multiple spreadsheets to be sent unsecured through email. And everyone will appreciate the lack of extensive, time-consuming training traditionally required when new software is introduced in the workplace.
The key to this simplicity is familiarity. A good compensation solution won’t try to stray too far from what its users already know – namely, spreadsheets. The solution will look and feel like a spreadsheet, cutting down on confusion and the intimidation inherent with learning new software. But the simplicity is just the tip of the iceberg.

The real work in a SaaS compensation solution is being done behind the scenes. Every necessary calculation, whether it involves currency conversion, proration, eligibility for merit increases – anything which may factor into your organization’s compensation strategy. A good developer of SaaS solutions will listen to their clients and work with you to custom-tailor a solution specifically for your organization. Not only does such customization remove the need for an Excel wizard to program Macros into the compensation spreadsheet, it also offers flexibility in terms of growth. If the needs of your organization change for any reason, the developer will modify your existing solution to fit them (usually for a fee).

Simplicity and Complexity may sound contradictory, but they’re not necessarily mutually exclusive. A good compensation solution encompasses both concepts by offering ease-of-use along with the power and performance to wrangle complicated compensation data into a workable and understandable format. If you’d like to learn more about the compensation solutions we offer at Harvest, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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