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Compatibility and Compensation Management Systems

A proper compensation management solution should simplify the workload generated by the compensation administration process.  And while this seems like a painfully obvious thing to say, it’s an important factor that should be kept in the forefront of one’s mind when...

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Automation and Compensation Management Systems

Looking into the near future, it’s clear that automation will soon become a prominent part of all of our lives. Everything from the highway (whether it’s a simple sedan or long-haul truck) to restaurants and grocery stores will be run by computers within a couple of...

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Five Benefits of a Compensation Management System

Is your organization interested in a compensation management system?  After a certain point in an organization’s growth, there comes a time when spreadsheets and manual inputs just won’t cut it anymore.  If your current compensation solution is causing your...

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Finding a Compensation Management System that Works for You

Dealing with the specifics of compensation management can be a real logjam, especially if your organization isn’t using a system tailored to its specific needs.  Whether it’s a large number of employees, a decentralized power structure, or ensuring top employees are...

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5 Ways To Keep Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is a critically important factor to business success.  While it’s something that can be partially dealt with in the realm of compensation management, methods of driving engagement can take many different forms.  Not every solution will fit every...

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Does Better Compensation Lead To Better Engagement?

Proper compensation management is an important part of any business, and we’ve talked before about how good compensation management can help retain key employees.  But how does compensation factor in to employee engagement?  While compensation isn’t the only factor in...

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How To Find The Best Compensation Management Software

If you’re looking for the right compensation management software, you’re going to want to do your homework in order to ensure your organization is getting the most bang for its buck.  Diving blindly into this kind of search can waste valuable time and money, but with...

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Why Excel Spreadsheets Are Soon To Be a Thing Of The Past:

In the realm of compensation management, there’s one tool that seems to be universal:  Excel spreadsheets.  In them, compensation data is organized, calculated, and just generally wrangled into something workable that can be used practically.  But no matter how...

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Should Performance Metrics Be A Part of Compensation Programs?

When talking about compensation management, considering the role performance metrics should (or should not) play in your compensation strategy is important to consider.  If your compensation strategy doesn’t include performance metrics and things are working out okay...

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